Review #4: Fiction


Landline by Rainbow Rowell

Disclosure: I read this book a little over a month before it’s release date (which just passed, 7/1/14) as an Advanced Reader’s Copy I received from a panel while attending Book Expo America in New York in May.

That said, Landline is perfect. Not that that’s a surprise. Rowell is a master story teller and her fans will not be disappointed. Landline is endearing, heart-warming, funny, and honest. And though it’s an adult novel, YA readers will definitely be able to pick it up and enjoy the story. (It reminded me a lot of the movie 17 Again if the circumstance was flipped 180 degrees.) The ending is brilliant and not overly dramatic or trying too hard. Rowell basically knocked it out of the park.

There are two things that bothered me, but neither makes this a worse read. One, the name Neal is overused; Georgie, the main character, thinks his name over and over and over again throughout the whole book. Neal. Neal, Neal, Neal. Just like that, over and over. By the end it was rather annoying. I wouldn’t mind going quite a while without encountering that name after reading this.

Second, and this is an issue on the publisher’s end, the timing is off. This book screams Winter read. It’s all about Winter, it feels like Winter. It is meant to be read while curled up in blankets by a fire while drinking hot chocolate during a snow storm. This possibly could have been released in September, for the Fall list, and then people would have it when the weather got colder. But it just really felt out of place in early Summer. Readers will love this regardless, as I did, though I think reading it in Winter, especially for the first time, would make it that much more magical.

My rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

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